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 Ranks And Descriptions

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PostSubject: Ranks And Descriptions    Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:07 pm

Is the Founder of this forum and clan. This clan is funded by the GENERAL and this is his website/clan. The General runs the website and clan. Everything must be approved by the General before anything can be done. The General sets and enforces all the rules at SK Just like SK's member the General must follow the rules as well. The General can ban or infract, change rules, change Clan regulations, and can promote and demote members as needed. The General does it all and the buck stops with him.

Major General:
The Major General is the most important rank except the general. The Major general is in-charge of all members and they will work with 1st and 2nd lieutenants to make sure we are getting new recruits in and all the recruits feel welcome and know what they are doing. Major General must be on the site at least twice a day and gaming with the clan every day.

-First Lieutenants-
First Lt.'s main job is to make sure that all new Recruits feel welcomed. First Lt.'s will be assigned to work one on one with new recruits to ensure that they understand our rules and regulations, how the website is set up, and to advise them how our ranks work. After the First Lt. has mentored the new recruit they will be required to make sure that they get to know the new recruit as much as possible within the 3 day evaluation. They should make a point to game with them daily and whatever else thats needed to really get to know that new recruit.

-Second Lieutenants-
2nd LTs are responsible for recruiting. They must stay active at least every other day. They must follow all rules and regulations on their recruiting sites and they must bump their posts according to the sites regulations. This is probably the most important job at SK as without new members we wouldn't last long as a Clan. All questions must go to the General. Members can apply for this position by PMing the General but they must be willing to work hard at recruiting

Staff Sgt.:
Staff Sgt. is the highest possible rank a Private can earn own their own. They much reach a total of 150 posts to gain this rank. After the acheieve this rank its up to the General and up to vote on promoting them to Second Lt.

Corporal is a rank earned by Privates. They must reach 50 posts to gain this rank.

Private are the members of SK. In order to get the rank of Private the First Lt.'s and up must have voted to promote them. Private's are responsible for staying active both in games and on site. They are also responsible for make all new recruits feel welcomed. recruits are promoted based on their site activity. Every post made by the Private moves them one step closer to the next rank. The highest possible rank a Private can reach on their own is Staff Sgt. After that they must be voted on to get another position

Recruits are new recruits . They wear the standard clan tag [SK] . They are responsible for getting to know all clan members and making every possible effort to be apart of this community. Prospects are required to go through a 3 day* evaluation before they are voted on by the First Lt and up. This can be longer or shorter depending on site activity and online gaming time.
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Ranks And Descriptions
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