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Please Help Keep This Clan Alive. Donating will help toward the upkeep of this site. 100%
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 New Member app: TalkingDog1

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PostSubject: New Member app: TalkingDog1   Sun Feb 03, 2013 4:02 pm

Member Name: TalkingDog1

What is your First name?: Armando (Mando)

What is your PSN name?: TalkingDog1
What is your age?: 20

What is your gender?: Male

Where are you located?: California, US.

How often do you play Black Ops 2?: often, almost everyday

What time of the day do you play the most?: 5-10pm Pacific Standard time

Do you have a working mic?: Yes

What is your kill death ratio for Black Ops 2?: 1.78

Have you ever been in another clan?: Yes

If you answered yes to the question above please tell us:
1.) What clan you were in?: [LR] Last Resort
2.) Why did you leave. If you answered no to the question above please type in N/A: n/a: i Created the clan with another friend during the time of MW2, it died towards the end of MW3, due to leaders (me mostly) going away to college and having no time for gaming (not the case anymore).

Why should you be accepted: cause i could help out with what ever you need, and i'd be as active as possible (mostly on weekends)

Will You work hard and be active on the forums: of course, with forums, most likely everyday.

we are not only a Clan but we a family. Are you willing to take the time to get to know all of our members?: im not so sure of "all" but i will for sure be friendly with who ever is willing to be friendly in return!

Who referred you: youtube video posted by the hardened project (can't post link)

Anything you would like to add?: on reserching your clan, i found little information on clan activites, including if you do game battles or video editing and such.i would like to know a little more info if possible :]
oh and im fairly new to the black ops 2 game itself, so my map knowledge is still building.
thank you for your time

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New Member app: TalkingDog1
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